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5-stars  My husband and I are both patients of Dr. Yong Kim, when we started going to him, my husband was scheduled to have surgery and had extreme pain, and wasn’t able to extend his arms not even for a hand shake. During his first visit Dr. Kim worked on both Shoulders and it was like a miracle, my husband’s range of motion went from 10% to at least 95% on his first visit, he had already had xray and it had been confirmed that he had inpengment in both shoulders, it has since been a couple of months his pain is gone and he has full range of his shoulders. We both can attribute the Practice of ART for the full recovery of my husband’s healing, he once again is working in the yard and is able to continue doing his hobbies due to the expertise of Dr. Kim and his Chiropractic abilities.

Rachel Martinez

5-stars  Several months after my rotator cuff surgery and physical therapy, the pain continued. The shoulder was frozen. I was taking 2400 mg of Motrin daily and Dilaudid at times when the pain was unbearable. I was also going to two experienced technicians, each with over 25 yrs experience, one in acupuncture, and one in deep tissue/neuromuscular massage therapy and myofascial release. There was no progress and my doctor discussed the possibility of brute-force shoulder manipulation under anesthesia. After reviewing positive comments about ART pertaining to frozen shoulder, I found myself unexpectedly in a chiropractic office for the first time. After the first treatment, my arm was finally moving. That day, I was able to reach into the mailbox, retrieve a ticket from the parking attendant. It was amazing to have great success after one treatment. For months, I was frustrated unable to perform simple tasks. I stopped spending money on treatments that did not work and continued recovering with Dr. Kim. He was thorough in his assessment, easy to talk to, and listened carefully. I was able return to my professional duties as a correctional officer, pain-free and drug- free. The travel from Fairfield was worth it, I have my life back

P. Lando

5-stars I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Kim. He is very thorough and caring, and his technique is amazing. I’ve had visits with different chiropractors for several years – all very helpful – but Dr. Kim really gets the job done. From the very first visit, I saw improvement in my ability to just “get around” and after a very few visits I was out gardening, walking and enjoying life again. Now, whenever I feel myself slowing down with pain and stiffness I make an appointment with Dr. Kim. He never fails – somehow those magic adjustments always releive my pain and get me back on track. Thank you, thank you Dr. Kim you really are terrific. Best to you always. Nancy

5-stars It is a blessing to have met Dr. Kim and to continue to be his patient. When I arrived in his office in Dec 2010, I was on opiates as well as sedatives, bedridden for 16-20 hours/day. I had been living like that for nearly 4 years. Dr. Kim exhibits compassion as well as understanding individual needs. Most importantly, Dr. Kim is UP TO A CHALLENGE where nearly every one else has given up on me. 6 weeks after Dr. Kim started working on me I stopped all medication. I started hobbling – and then walking – up and down the street. First a few yards, then a half-mile, progressing to a miraculous 200+ miles month now – 18 months after Dr. Kim started working on me. I am STILL his patient and expect continued improvement. Even if you are a challenging and complex case, please consider allowing Dr. Kim an opportunity to help. I am proof that he can! THANK YOU DR. KIM!! Ronald Muschetto

5-stars I‘ve been a plant manager for Sacramento City Unified School District for 18 years and basically, my job is to maintain the ins and outs of the buildings. This requires a lot of walking, cleaning and maintaining items such as A/C filters and HVAC units, and running errands for teachers and staff members, not to mention assisting students. In October 1999, I was picking up papers on the soccer field when I walked into a dip on the field when I felt a sharp pain in my left foot. It felt like a nail went through it!!! The pain continued for days so I was sent to a doctor. The initial treatments were medications, a couple months of physical therapy and light work duty. That didn’t do a thing. I made multiple visits back to the doctor’s office and they tried orthotics, custom pads and custom boots. None of these things worked. As my pain levels increased over a year my other foot began to hurt. I had changed the way I walked, compensating for the pain in my left foot and began feeling pain in my right foot. At the end of a work day, my pain was so great that I could not do a thing except SUFFER!! I couldn’t even walk down one grocery aisle to go shopping. After 2 long years of pain in my feet, I was referred to a podiatrist who stated I had developed hammer toes. The doctor injected me with steroids; you can only get 3 injections per year and I got all 3 in both feet. I went through more physical therapy sessions and light work duty but none of it helped. They finally said I needed to have surgery. In December 2002 the doctor’s performed surgery on both feet to correct my hammer toes. They do this by breaking the toe and putting long pins in it to heal. I was down for 12 weeks and couldn’t do a thing. To make things worse the doctor pulled the wrong pin out which caused complications and they had to perform another surgery. After I healed from my surgeries, I was sent to physical therapy again. Unfortunately, my pain worsened and I was unable to go back to work. I talked to the doctors and therapist and they said there was nothing else they could do. At about the same time, my wife was dealing with complex injuries she received in a slip and fall accident which did not resolve by her doctor. She then saw Dr. Kim, an ART chiropractor who helped her immediately. She felt a huge difference within a couple treatments. So even though I had gotten worse due to 3 failed surgeries, I decided to give Dr. Kim a try. My first treatment with Dr. Kim was very good. He really took the time to do an examination and he explained everything to me which made sense. He really cares about his patients. Dr. Kim did his ART treatments exactly where I needed it and I noticed decreased pain after the first treatment!!! I continued my treatments with Dr. Kim for several weeks and noticed drastic improvements. Within a few months, I was back to work without any restrictions. Both of my feet are pain free and if they become achy Dr. Kim knows exactly what to do get me on my feet again. If it wasn’t for Dr. Kim, I’d still be completely disabled. We tell everyone to see Dr. Kim and have sent our family and friends. They are all amazed at how quickly they feel better. Thanks again Dr. Kim!!! John Avila

5-stars Dr. Kim helped solve my problem while a so-called hand specialist through my insurance could not even diagnose my problem. Four years ago I hurt my wrists and have been suffering from wrist tendinitis in both arms since that time. I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Kim for his Active Release Treatment that resolved my wrist issues. I am now able to exercise again, using P90X, and am looking forward to competing in a “Tough Mudder” later this year. Thank you, Dr. Kim.

Matt Rise

5-stars I cannot thank God enough for the help Dr. Kim has been to me. I was introduced to ART through a friend. She had been told by her daughter-in-laws mother, who had experienced first hand the benefits of ART. In 2010, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I underwent two surgeries and radiation, which left me with numbness down my left arm and in my fingers. I also underwent brain surgery the same year for a benign tumor, which was wrapped around a nerve at the base of my skull. This surgery affected my tongue and neck muscles. I have difficulty with speaking, eating and swallowing. In 2012, another tumor was found and the fear that cancer had returned. Another surgery was performed, and thankfully, the tumor was benign. I contacted Dr. Kim via the internet. I found such kindness, compassion and real help. I am improving with each visit and my other doctors are amazed at my progress. I have nearly all the feeling back in my left arm and fingers, and my tongue continues to heal. Because a major nerve was effected in the brain surgery, that process is a very slow one. I know that God led me to Dr. Kim. He is professional, so gifted, so very kind and compassionate. I know I would not be doing this well if it were not for his expertise. Thank you so much Dr. Kim!!!!

Carolyn Hobbs

5-stars I walked into doctor Kim’s office with limited use of my right arm. Low and behold I had developed Frozen Shoulder. I thank Doctor Kim for all the ART he has given me to get me back to my active lifestyle. I have fully recovered and have full usage of my arm again. I highly recommend ART and doctor Kim for all active and sports minded athletes who are injured and need help recovering. ART WORKS! Thanks Doctor Kim! Laurie Hom

5-stars WOW !!!! FINALLY relief for my elbow tendonitis !!!!! I have tried everything (Ice, Rest, other Chiropractors, strengthening rehab exercises — Nothing worked!!!). I was so desperate I was about to consider surgery or at least Cortisone Shots which would only mask the pain. Dr Kim is amazing!!!! He does this magic called A.R.T. (Active Release Technique). This is the ONLY thing that helped with my Golfers and Tennis Elbow !!!!!!! I have never had such a thorough session with a Chiropractor in my life. Most Chiropractors have you in and out in 15 minutes after a few adjustments and you feel kinda better but it didn’t address the exact problem you were having (that’s been my experience with the dozens of Chiropractors I’ve been to). This guy gets to the root cause and works on you for as long as it takes to get immediate relief !!!! God Bless Dr. Kim my new Sports Therapy guy for life !!!!! Chris T.